Everything Must Go (2011; Rated Rated R)

Everything Must Go

“ This is a bittersweet, quietly powerful drama about a man at the end of his rope who must decide whether to start climbing or let go.”

-Richard Roeper


Everything Must Go

(2011; R)

In theaters:
Friday, 13 May 2011

Comedy, Drama

Will Ferrell, Rebecca Hall, Christopher Jordan Wallace

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Sarandasaid on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 6:49:42 PM
Yeah, I agree with you. He could have easily miettagid the controversy by claiming that his ex-wife's surreptitiously recorded tapes had been spliced to create maximum embarrassment for maximum leverage in their money dispute (and they were indeed evidently doctored, according to experts who analyzed them at the time of their release for news outlets as I recall.)But he chose not to go there in his own defense as he well could have. Unlike a lot of celebs, he's always stepped up to the plate & copped to his human imperfections & that is admirable, even if the actions which required him to cop to his faults were not. At the very least I give him props for not succumbing to the temptation to believe all the industry-generated PR that he's some kind of a God as so many celebrities tragically do and for recognizing that he, just like the rest of us, will be a flawed work in progress until the day he leaves this earth. He even seems to genuinely get that the real beauty of life indeed, its true joy can only be found in the ongoing struggle against all odds to overcome as many of the faults our humanity bestows upon us as we can in the little time we've been given to do it.So in this case, for me at least, it's Detest the sin, but salute the sinner.




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