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Inside Llewyn Davis (2013; Rated Rated R)

Inside Llewyn Davis

“ The Coen brothers have crafted another unique period piece. ”

-Richard Roeper


Inside Llewyn Davis

(2013; R)

In theaters:
Friday, 20 December 2013

Drama, Musical

Ethan Coen, Joel Coen

Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, Justin Timberlake, Garrett Hedlund

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Cosminsaid on Friday, September 26, 2014 11:11:10 AM
I saw the film and hugely enjyoed it. Not sure what three jumps of logic are that you mentioned. I must be blissfully unaware but am very curious since I read your review. Maybe you could let me know (but perhaps this isn't best forum as would spoil film for any one who hadn't seen it.)Mick

Artsaid on Monday, March 31, 2014 8:05:26 PM
'They figured (rightly) that the supercilious critics would proclaim it 5 star simply because it was a Coen film.'

You probably couldn't sound more ignorant and idiotic here. Maybe because people like dry humor and interpersonal stories rather than the bombastic films that Coean Brothers CONSTANTLY unload. Inside Llewyn Davis is the story about a man and his life in music, and is done so brilliantly.

Bobsaid on Thursday, February 06, 2014 5:05:18 PM
The film is an offensive and pretentious piece of crap. I love the Coens and think Fargo, No Country For Old Men, The Big Lebowski, and Burn After Reading are among the 25 best films I've ever seen but, what the heck were they smoking when they produced this execrable piece of horsepucky. My guess is they didn't like it either and got it done as soon as possible then threw it out there like 3 day old roadkill. They figured (rightly) that the supercilious critics would proclaim it 5 star simply because it was a Coen film. And guess what, they were right!

ELAsaid on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 8:59:13 PM
The Coens squandered an opportunity to explore the unique brief time in American music evolution where young folkies trained and absorbed decades of traditional music from the living sources, then took what they learned and exploded in all directions. Instead, a Bleaker Street could hardly be imagined. Llewyn Davis is marginally talented, and maybe so defensive of his niche because he knows so.
I call this an "artiste" film, the Rorschach script wherein the sycophants will worshipfully weave some form of whole cloth out of the sparse fragments offered. I refuse to write the script for them because they're not paying me.
Lost and averted opportunities intrude every so often, like the turn to Akron; Llewyn is the limping cat, and someone should put him out of his misery. Ulysses, once again, without any quest this time.




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