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Into the Woods (2014; Rated Rated PG)

Into the Woods

“ Rumbles on for too long and has some dry patches here and there—but just when we’re growing fidgety, we get another rousing musical number or another dark plot twist, and we’re back in business.”

-Richard Roeper


Into the Woods

(2014; PG)

In theaters:
Thursday, 25 December 2014

Comedy, Family, Fantasy

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Ryan Donaldsonsaid on Monday, February 02, 2015 9:38:16 PM
I think that movie musicals have a tough time of finding the right balance of background imagery,singing/acting talent, and choreography. In musical theater, more emphasis is placed on singing talent and choreography than on acting and the set. People tend to go to musicals to hear the singing. Songs in musicals are more memorable and likable than dialogue in musicals. The Into the Woods song is catchy and is the highlight of the soundtrack. I have seen the play and the movie. It's also easy to paint a backdrop for a musical but anything more than that tends to run into expenses. I feel that Into the Woods though does a nice job with the balance desired in musical theater movies. The beanstalk and castles are interesting and the cast have nice singing voices. I also felt that the first half of the movie moved along at a faster pace than the second half. The part where the baker and his wife went on a quest to find the items, gave the plot some movement. After everybody found their happily ever after, it seemed anti-climatic.
In comparison, another movie musical, Les Mis, however ran into some problems. Les Mis had good CGI scenery like Into the Woods but ran into problems with casting choices. Russell Crowe who played one of the two main characters, can't sing but he is an OK actor. Unfortunately, the actors in Les Mis had to be able to sing well.
On a side note, it seems that there are a lot of sequels and remakes. They bring in money so that's why Hollywood makes them. There are a lot of good untold stories out there however. If you had to pick a good story for a movie, what would it be?
I like your videos. They remind me of Gene Siskel/Roger Ebert At The Movies. I guess you knew them and used their work as inspiration.




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