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Star Trek Into Darkness (2013; Rated Rated PG-13)

Star Trek Into Darkness

“ A solid but unspectacular effort that sets the stage for the next chapters”

-Richard Roeper


Star Trek Into Darkness

(2013; PG-13)

In theaters:
Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Action, Adventure, Science Fiction

J.J. Abrams

Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana

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Tonysaid on Saturday, June 01, 2013 8:57:20 AM
Entertaining flic. If you didn't see the original. Too easy if every time they get in a jam they can call past Spock to see what he did to help. What happened to letting them figure out there own path.And reversing the death scene. When it came to the important parts of the movie the writing slipped. All in all I give it a solid C+ for a rehash of an old movie and a B+ for a summer popcorn movie. I left the movie disappointed that I saw it 20 years ago.

Brad Wrightsaid on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 6:24:01 PM
But Fast & Furious 6 is an A-? This film had layers with characters, storytelling, and dedication to the original series. But Fast & Furious 6 is considered "great" to you because there is a lot of action and Vin Diesel. Wow...

Jonathan Lemmonsaid on Sunday, May 26, 2013 4:18:13 PM
I wouldn't say I'm unfamiliar with the Star Trek universe, but I knew enough about it to know what I was getting myself into. With that being said, I was blown away by both of J.J.'s Star Trek movies! This one especially. Star Trek Into Darkness has everything I look for in movies; action, drama, and a super scary bad guy. I thought Benedict Cumberbatch was one of the more terrifying villains of recent years. He's up there with Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. I feel that this movie deserves a much larger rating than a B. Seeing as you gave the 2009 Star Trek a B as well, I was hoping you'd see Into Darkness as a vast improvement over the first both action and story-wise. But I can't judge you on your opinion because that would be considered cynical, so here's hoping that Star Trek 3 will be more to your liking the same way Iron Man 3 was, which I personally didn't like as much as the first two.

Josaid on Sunday, May 19, 2013 8:08:26 PM
This was a strong movie from start to finish. B+ or A-, but only because so much of it was homage to other movies/science fiction at the expense of a "simple" plot.




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