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Under the Same Moon (2007; Rated Rated PG-13)

Under the Same Moon

“ Buried treasure. Rent it!”

-Richard Roeper


Under the Same Moon

(2007; PG-13)

In theaters:
Saturday, 13 October 2007

Summary: A young Mexican boy travels to the U.S. to find his mother after his grandmother passes away.


Patricia Riggen

Adrian Alonso

"Under the Same Moon" is maybe the most sentimental movie about illegal immigration you’ll ever see. One of the most emotionally and politically charged issues of our time is given such a warmhearted and involving treatment that even Rush Limbaugh might be moved to tears. Well, maybe not. But I couldn’t help but get choked up as I rooted for a determined nine-year-old named Carlitos to find his way from Mexico to Los Angeles. His mother Rosario has been in L.A. for four years.

Adrian Alonso delivers  a winning and natural performance as Carlitos, and Kate del Castillo as his mom. America Ferrara from "Ugly Betty" plays a young American woman offering to transport children across the border. As Rosario considers a marriage to a handsome security guard that will give her legal status, Carlitos makes the perilous journey from Mexico to Texas to Arizona to California. After an INS raid, he’s left in the care of the surly

Enrique, who at first wants nothing to do with the kid. But they eventually forge a father-son relationship that takes a number of surprising turns. "Under the Same Moon" is a beautifully rendered tale that doesn’t shy away from its political views. But at heart it’s the story of a mother and child reunion.

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