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Ms. Givens said on Saturday, October 04, 2014 10:55:35 PM
Just read your statement/review of movie "Noah": most unforgettable biblical epic ever put on film. Which bible version do you refer to?

Jim said on Friday, September 19, 2014 8:11:20 PM
I don't blame you for skipping movies like Lets Be Cops. But why did you skip How to Train Your Dragon 2 ? It's a really good movie.

Dan said on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 9:54:41 PM
Mr. Roeper

I have seen all of your reviews and I agree with a lot of them. And since I really enjoy films I have started to choose my job as a film critic. I was wondering if you can give me any advice for the future.

Thank You,


Roger ryden said on Saturday, August 30, 2014 3:24:56 PM
Hey Richard, a few weeks ago all you could see on the web and read on the web was how great snowpiercer was. Well, I delayed and did not go see it that week and it looks like I missed for good. My question is, what happened to Snowpiercer and what are my chances of seeing it on the big screen in the future or is it a red box, now? Thank you, Roger

Eric said on Friday, August 29, 2014 12:55:39 PM
Is Sin City 3 really going to happen now? You mentioned in your review that there was one in the works, which is surprising given the box office. Why did it tank at the box office? The movie looked terrific...certainly better than that awful Teenage Ninja movie.

Dan Skip Allen said on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 3:41:51 AM
Hey Richard! I have been talking with some friends about the new football movie When the Game Stands Tall. They all seem to like it more then me. I say I like the football scene's but the acting overall in the movies isn't any good. Of course I get but its an inspirational movie. I say so I go to the movies for good acting not whether or not the movie is inspirational or not. I like the main actors Laura Dern and Jim Caviesal but, even they couldn't save this movie. My question is where would you rank it if you could in the Top 20 Football movies of all time. I would put it 21 that's how much I didn't like it. Thanks Skip from Deland, Fl.

Paul Joshu said on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 2:44:38 AM
Was wondering if you buy a lot of dvd's or blu-rays and how big is your collection? A lot of the movies you like in theaters are you picking them up when they arrive on home video? Thanks.

Adam said on Monday, August 25, 2014 12:13:20 PM
I have and always will be a fan of your reviews. I often agree as I did with Sin City. Unfortunately not many have and based on the box office it would appear that was your last review on this world and its sketchy inhabitants.

Jonathan said on Sunday, August 17, 2014 10:06:57 PM
Hi Richard, I've noticed that you didn't review the movie "Let's be Cops" that came out last week. How do you normally decide on which movies to review or not?

Lester Jones said on Saturday, August 16, 2014 9:59:25 AM
Mr. Roeper:

First you are 100% spot on in your opinion and verbal shot at the MPAA. I have been singing the praises of "Boyhood" to anyone who I talk to. You would be amazed how many people have not heard of it; I would guess that the R rating has hurts its wider distribution hindering the word of mouth "must see" quality of this film. On the other hand, most people have heard of "Lets Be Cops".........Go figure.

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